Who We Are

We are an organization that focuses on empowering women in the IT/Computing industry.


We strive to create a community for women in technology where they can come together to learn, bond, network, discuss, and encourage each other.


We want women in tech to be aware of all the opportunities they have and to encourage them to pursue these opportunities. Some of our opportunities include: Women In tech Conferences, Female Hackathons, Girls in tech, Community service and more.


We encourage women to always reach for more and to never give up; to improve our abilities as leaders. Some leadership meetings we held were: Resume Workshops, Interviews, Essay Writing, Job Fair Prep, and Hackathon Teamwork.


We provide students opportunities to find mentors and/or provide mentorship to girls in our clubs as well as in our community. We are always willing to hold each other up and achieve the best.

Upcoming Events

Date Meeting Location Time
3/11/19 Bake Sale
Homework Night
SERC 1st Floor
SERC 358
11AM - 4PM
5PM - 6PM
3/18/19 No Meeting
3/25/19 Game Night @ the game room Howard Gittis Student Center 5PM - 6PM
4/1/19 Homework Night SERC 358 5PM - 6PM
4/8/19 Game Night Howard Gittis Student Center 5PM - 6PM


OwlHacks 2019

March 30th | SERC Lobby

Past Events

Board Members

Mary Liu

Priyal Patel

Zakia Hossain

Sandra Liu

Jiayi Yin

Emily Trinh

Pearl Nguyen

Briyana Johnson

Gabriella Farrisi

Y T. Hy

Jane Chen

Hana Xu


You can sign up to our mailing list and introduce yourself at our next meeting.


In the Student Education and Research Center (SERC) Rm 358 every Monday* from 5:00PM - 6:00PM.

*Starting Jan. 28, 2019, excluding holidays & breaks, unless stated otherwise.

Yes. ACM-W is an organization centered around women in technology, but is not limited to only women.

ACM and ACM-W are student chapters of the national Association of Computing Machinery.
ACM-W focuses on women in computing, while ACM focuses on computing as a whole.
We encourage membership in both organizations because of the unique experience each offers.

You can send us feedback/suggestions here.

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